Become the Surgeon of Tomorrow

IRCAD main focus has always been to develop less invasive surgery techniques through research led by the IRCAD research and development team in collaboration with IRCAD surgeons and share those techniques at an international level via training courses.


Minimally invasive

Minimally invasive surgery is a surgery minimizing surgical incisions to reduce trauma to the body. This type of surgery is performed using very small incisions, allowing the introduction of an endoscope connected to a camera and the introduction of some micro-instruments. That camera allows surgeons to have a magnified image leading to a very precise dissection of the operated organs


General Surgery

Surgery is an art form, which requires extreme precision. In order to make sure we use technology at its fullest potential, we now offer a series of robotic courses in different surgical specialties. Join us today to find out more about the future of surgery.


Webinars & Online courses

IRCAD Africa being a mirror institution of IRCAD France and following in its footsteps is thrilled to be launching its own webinar series. In these series, IRCAD Africa will be introducing the concept of IRCAD, its role in Africa and discussions around minimally invasive surgery in different specialties.

Surgical Data Science (SDS)

Under the initiative of Professor Jean-Marc Egly, President of the Scientific Board, research laboratories have merged their activities to focus on digestive cancer prevention, to improve early cancer diagnosis, and to implement new therapeutic strategies.

In a pioneering spirit true to the Institute’s image, the R&D department in computer science and medical imaging has been considerably strengthened by pioneering engineers and computer scientists

The Institutes worldwide

Since its creation in 1994, the IRCAD has gained world-renowned fame as a leading research and education institution. Its international success has led to the construction of several institutes across the world.


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